Help Us Reform Scottish Civil Defamation Law

Dear PEN Colleagues, Help us reform Scottish defamation law by calling on First Minister Nicola Sturgeon this week to include it in the upcoming Programme for Government. In April of this year, PEN Gambia presented a petition led by African Centres, and signed by over 150 writers, to the Chairperson of the African Commission calling on African states to abolish criminal defamation and “insult laws”. We call on you now to help us reform civil defamation law in Scotland. Scottish defamation law is outdated […]

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Searching for the Lost Eden

Hoàng Linh 

In summer 1988, Mr. “easy-to-sob” Thao arrived in the Promised Land, the United States, at the age that was long past his “self-established” thirty. In those early days, when he went to church to attend a Sunday Mass, the tough, old, female gossip mongers often glanced at his wrinkled pants and sarcastically mocked,” Look at this filthy fellow, he appears to be educated! But at his age, his having neither a house, a degree, nor a job… makes him suitable only to […]

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To Dr. Nguyen Dan Que Please,speak for me It’s time Not to accept darkness As the sun Not to see dead leaves As an image of spring Please,speak for me The flower of love Never blooms from a gun’s barrel The fruit of hatred Always rots the Motherland Please, speak for me Ten years of prison The blood of freedom Still flows in the soul Please,speak for me Another prison term Actually adds oil To freedom’s toils Please,speak for me Please,speak for us Please,speak […]

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